Diving in the Brazilian Savannah!

Since serra do Cipó, in 2014, I’ve been looking foward the next dive in the Brazilian Savannah, or cerrado.

pic. by Luana Costa.

When looking for another trip, to make pictures to our image bank, the savannah was in our scope. 

Me & my partner, Lua Costa ( http://luacosta.com.br/  were convinced by the amazing pictures online  and a nice deal with an Hostel ( http://www.hostelcatavento.com.br -    5 stars in tripadvisor! )  plus the cheap tickets, after carnaval ;)

 On the 7th/feb. we arrived for a 12 days  of shooting in the Savannah. Waterfall, landscapes, animals, diving..

Alto Paraiso is full o interesting people…

Besides the hicking, I was always looking for  another “bog”  or any area with more than 30cm of water, as people thought. And some nightshoots! =D

 Enjoy ;)

the is the creek that forms the Balairina Waterfall.

Green water. pic. by Luana Costa.

Urban Climbing in São Paulo

Climbing at ‘bloco do Jaime’, at praça Roosevlt.


Some time ago a group of freelancers, artists, climbers, photographers.. whatever ;), decided to look for nice spots to practice urban climbing; aka, free bouldering in interesting places , in the urbanenvironment.

Popo climbing (today this place is used by the police =D )

Me climbing, by Jaime Jacinczzzzzzzxxxx

After some months we had the Red Bull Selva de Pedra, where some top ropes were set in the Avenida Paulista. Shame they didn’t have any photographers at the day ;).
Luckly, we were invited by the route setter to take some pictures, the night before the event.

Lucas Lima trying the lines.

Climbing at Av. Paulista.

By the second part of 2015 some new climbers and specially mr Pakito Jaime Jacinto, keep setting new lines around Praça Rosevelt (by the way, amazing place for a beer & climb).

The final picture with Gabi sending this nice V2.

Making of ;).

Jaime even recorded a nice video:

Last month, I went to check the work done by the guys, and check some histories about new highballs close to Anhangabau tube.

And yes..they are SICK! There are up to 9m lines waiting to me sent…

 Here some lines of Gabi sending.

7m V1

8m V3

8m V3

7m V1

You you want to climb at Praça Roosevelt, just google on maps. It’s very easy and close to the center.

Setting up a climbing shooting outdoors.

This time I would like about a shooting I did sometime ago, in Serra do Cipó, National Park.

. Jaime Jacinto climbing ” Sonho de Consubo, 7b fr”:  The shoot, with the lighting I had in mind.

At the time, I had an eye in a line called ” Sonho de Consumo”, an  total overhang 7b+, with plenty of big holds. IT’s a classic from the place and would be a nice option due to the dry and hot summer, because it’s so overhang that it’s always in the shadows!

Here, I’m using two anchoor points: the rope is fixed. The “dead” part is clipped to another point in the ground. Than I put tension on this (see my leg around it), so I’m connected to two points, with keep me more stable.

My idea was to work the shadows as a studio, so using high speed shutter, I could light the whole scene with strobes.

The picture looks fine, but I don’t like  the flashing, just lighing “nothing”.

Setting the divide, using radio receiver, was quite easy. Composing the belayer, the climber and light was another task. Coordinate the lighting on the background, the climber, belayer and my lighting (I was using a small flash, just to light up the climber’s face).

Here, the flash is behind the climber. Lighting the background and the belayer. The front “light” comes from my hotshoe. I’m a serious beliver that in climbing photography you MUST be able to see the eyes..

New Montanhas Magazine is ready! Big article and cover my Walkinglessa!

The brazilian Montanhas magazine has just been released! 

You can get the issue online ( http://www.montanhas.net/site/ )

 This time we had the pleasure to shoot the cover and writh a big article about bigwall climbing in Pedra Riscada. Place of the famous ” Place of happiness”, from Steven Glovacz, Ed Padilha, and Horacio Graton.

Packind our equipment. I really didn’t know where I was about to put myself.

To celebrate, I would like to post some making of pictures.
This was my first big wall, and besides having climb experience, I felt like a fish out of water. I would take 4 hours to do things that people would do in 40 minutos. All the guys have soloed 6c / 7a and I have barely touched that grade..

” What in good hell I’m doing here” : a very common climbing

We had lot’s of rain and something didn’t went all perfect and pissed rain for two days.

Lucas Marques Jah waiting for the wheather to clean: you can really see that besides the open day, the clouds cover most of the tiptop of Pedra Filhote.

Bigwall: when you feel fit, is this the first step to realize how unfit you could be.

Underwater adventures in the Atlantic forest: A day shooting at a very clean mangrove river in Brazil.

Hello! This is my “action blog” and from now on I’ll be posting about the day by day of my photography world! Today would like to post some images of a my first attempt with my new D800 housing. As I was short in money, I went to a river, close to home, with some interesting creatures to challenge the autofocus of my old (vintage?!) Sigma 105mm macro. This was also my first try with the D800. High expectations.

Mangrove river in the low tide and not a very convidative wheater.

 Shooting in rivers is not very easy, since you have to be aware with lots of things:

 First check the rapids. Sometimes you can get shelters to protect from the rapids…sometimes, no! Do not attempt to shoot those tiny catfishes in the middle of the white water. You housing thanks you.

Shooting somewhere in the amazon forest.

Than, check for any problems “out” of water: boats, people or animals (there are two jaguars, with collars, in the area I was shooting). Last but not least, be carefull where you are putting your self in. No tech diving setups; if you don’t want to be hooked but the trees and branches. This is very important. You can get really stucked with a two arms housing, plus the pipes from your BC..in less than 2 mts of water. Please: no sunscream, no spray and no oil ( in the boat, skin or equipment). Thatecosystems are very very sensitive to this things (consider that it already copes with tons of other thins that you can’t see.)

Green water and lots of structures for animals to hide: macro photography!

We also tryied some night climbing, but the water was not clean enough and the tide was very strong at the time.

Night diving in freshwater is always interesting.

Underwater bromélia in high tide, at a night diving.

After half an hour on a hippie canoe and excited by the clean water, I went to try some mangrove wide angle. Frustrated. Without the sun, that would be a macro day. Put the wide dome to rest and went on my 105mm with a +4 closeup.

I’m just a wanna be blue lobster having my lunch! just get lost.

Went to try some shrimps, as a warmup for the small fishes.

Freshwater shrim in a 105mm macro and f2.8 : very collorfull animals.

The whole thing of this trip was to take a picture of a tiny  Poecilia that i’ve seen years ago. 

Phalloceros harpagos. Took me 8 years to ger a decent housing and take a picture of this.

The females. In this Poecilia specie, they swin together and the young females kind of protect the pragnet ones.

The fish is very small and the males are very shy. While the females wades around in small schools, the males swims alone and are difficult to find.
To finish, I went on the mission of taking a nice gobby portrait. This fished never stop and wouldn’t let me take a decent picture. They feed from particles in the substrate, so there’s always lots of suspended sand over their eyes. Missing, were the white mullets and the snooks, that due to the low tide, were into more salty waters.

A shy gobby camuflates over the sand.

Good bye mr. Shrimp: not easy to shoot auto focus with and old lens.

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