Diving in the Brazilian Savannah!

Since serra do Cipó, in 2014, I’ve been looking foward the next dive in the Brazilian Savannah, or cerrado.

pic. by Luana Costa.

When looking for another trip, to make pictures to our image bank, the savannah was in our scope. 

Me & my partner, Lua Costa ( http://luacosta.com.br/  were convinced by the amazing pictures online  and a nice deal with an Hostel ( http://www.hostelcatavento.com.br -    5 stars in tripadvisor! )  plus the cheap tickets, after carnaval ;)

 On the 7th/feb. we arrived for a 12 days  of shooting in the Savannah. Waterfall, landscapes, animals, diving..

Alto Paraiso is full o interesting people…

Besides the hicking, I was always looking for  another “bog”  or any area with more than 30cm of water, as people thought. And some nightshoots! =D

 Enjoy ;)

the is the creek that forms the Balairina Waterfall.

Green water. pic. by Luana Costa.

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