Soul of The Fraser

The Soul of the Fraser is an upcoming book of my latest collaboration with BCIT/ Rivers Institute.

The project is the result of an year long documentation of a unique area in the once  most important Salmon Rivers of Canada.

Development has greatly changed the landscape of the Lower Fraser River.

The lower Fraser river is part of the Pacific Flyway, a route used by birds to migrate from the North to South in the Northern Hemisphere. 

The Fraser River Estuary.  ( Lori Bartsch, 2021 )

Pristine Marshes can still be found in the Lower Fraser.

North American river otters ( Lontra canadensis ) are one of the mammals commonly found in the estuary.

Western sandpipers ( Calidris alpina ) find their food in the soft substrate found in the marshes, at low tide.

Crangonid shrimp ( Argei pugettensis ) hides perfectly in the sand button. 

Two young bald eagles ( Haliaeetus leucocephalus ) fighting for territory at low tide

Canada geese ( Branta canadensis ) migrating at night

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