Friendly Bay, Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island.

Herring Bay, Nootka Sound.

Herring Bay, Nootka Sound.

Black bear foraging in the low tide.


Conuma river estuary.

Eel grass banks in the pristine estuaries.

Early morning in the Pacific Northwest.

Low tide in the bay.

Shallow reefs and pristine waters.

Young salmon migrating up North.

Jelly fish.

Chinook Salmon seeking shelter in the Kelp banks.

School of sea pearch photographed in the Kelp banks of Friendly Bay.

Kelp crabs feasting on a school of young prawns.

A sea otter warming up in the sun.

Sea cucumber.

Colorful anemones in the shallows.

Lingcod in a shallow reef.

Traditional long line fishing.

Lingcod captured on a deep fishing line.


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