A camaleon from the atlantic forest, Brazil.

Enyalius catenatus, is a camaleon from the atlantic forest, Brazil.
The males can change their colors from intene leaf green to almost dark brown.
Their are considered a sensible specie and depends of the conservation of the remais fragments of the atlantic forest.
This was was shoot at RPPM Serra Bonita, as part of an article for National Geographic Brazil.

Want to visit Serra Bonita?

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Chapada dos veadeiros!

Savannahs is by far the most un expected biome in Brazil. The place that everything can happen: you start a hick in the middle of a open field..

Try to convince your partner that you are actually going to find water…

In the Savannahs, 75% of the life lives IN the ground, to avoid the heat. The plant’s are really different and adapted to the conditions.

Barbarinha waterfall, in the Kalunga people land.

Fish frenezy in more isolated areas =)

and TOO many fish…

You need to be ready to dive in pools, and rapids, since the fish stay most of the time IN the rapids

Mangroove like images..in the desert. Mind blowing..

More to follow ;)

Multi pitch climbing in Andradas

The best of Brazil is the chance of having some many different climbing areas around you.

 This time we went to the city of Andradas, in Minas Gerais state. The goal was to do some easy multi pitch slabs, and get our brains in shape ;)

Elefant rock, in Andradas area.

Now it’s the best of climbing season in Brazil, so good weather was with us.

long walks..

p1 in on the flake,

p1: 25m. no bolts.

p2. 2 bolts, 50m.

The city of Andradas, seing from the p4.

first rappel.

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