Fraser river Sockeye, British Columbia.

Butterflies photographed in Juruena National Park, Brazil

Juruena National Park, for National Geographic Brazil.

Bull Trout, Squamish River Valley. Personal Project.

Vicente Espinoza climbing Carlsberg, in Lillooet , BC.

Young wild Coho Salmon, Squamish River Valley, BC.

Egg mass. Downton Vancouver, British Columbia.

Chinook Salmon spawners, British Columbia.

Harrison Fraser Delta. Personal project.

Laichwiltach Nation Heredity Chief George Quocksister

Hereditary Chief George Quocksister Jr of the Laichwiltach Nation. Personal Project.

Mountain White Fish, Fraser River valley. Personal Project.

Sockey Salmo in an alpine creek in Salmon Arm, British Columbia

Sockeye Salmon, British Columbia.

Rock climbing photography in British Columbia

Summer rock climbing, for

Lower Fraser river Valley, British Columbia project. For Resilient Waters   project.

Chinook Salmon, Chehalis River, British Columbia. Personal project.

Spawning Kokanee Salmon, British Columbia. Personal Project.

Pacific Northwest flora, British Columbia. On assignment for Nature Conservancy Canada.

Cutthroat trout feeding on a nymph.

Personal project, British Columbia.

Stonefly nymph.

The Heart of the Fraser book, British Columbia.

Caverhill Fly fishing Lodge, British Columbia.

Fly fishing in Kamloops British Columbia.

Traditional fisherman in Brazil.

Traditional fisherman, Brazil.

School of Pink Salmon. Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

White Sturgeon, Fraser valley, British Columbia. The Heart of the Fraser book.

Behind the scenes of an expedition to the Juruena National Park, Brazilian Amazon Forest.

Sockeye Salmon spawning grounds, Northwest Coast Vancouver. On assignment for Steelhead Salmon Society.

Felipe Camargo sport climbing in Itatiaia National Park, Brazil.

 Go Fish BC, British Columbia.

Fly Fishing life, British Columbia. Go Fish BC, British Columbia.

Rock climbing in Squamish.

Sarah Hart for

Black bear tracks, Fraser Valley.

Sockeye Salmon, Adams Lake, British Columbia

Mergulho Magazine, Brazil.

Exploring the underwater Savannah.

Chum Salmon, Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

Jamie Finlayson bouldering, British Columbia.

Aerial view of the Fraser river estuary. For The Soul of the Fraser  Book.

The Urban Salmon project, British Columbia.

Exploring Serra Bonita, Serra Bonita, for National Geographic Brazil.

Fraser river delta, British Columbia. For The Soul of the Fraser  book.

Cutthroat trout, British Columbia. Personal Project.

Chinook Salmon. Personal Project.

Exploring Serra Bonita, Serra Bonita, for National Geographic Brazil.

The Urban Salmon project, British Columbia.

Pink Salmon. Squamish River Valley. Personal Project.

Pacific Salmon Embryo. On assignment for Canadian Science Publishing

Underwater Vegetation, Fraser River Valley, British Columbia.

Cutthroat Trout. Personal Project. Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Coho Salmon. For The Urban Salmon project.

Harbour seals at the Fraser River. For The Soul of the Fraser  book.

TransCanada Highway and Chinook Salmon spawning grounds for The Heart of the Fraser book.,

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