“Outdoor storyteller”, that’s how Fernando could best be described. Drawing from his passion for outdoors sports, Biology degree, and master’s degree in Photography, he specializes in the documenting the relation in between man and mother nature.

Fernando has strong experience in the field, having worked on projects in a wide variety of areas, including the untouched Amazon forest, the unique Brazilian savannah, the tropical rainforest of Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean. Urban Salmon is Fernando’s first project in North America.

©Luana Costa

©Luana Costa

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In support of Science Literacy Week come and discover Fernando Lessa's beautiful underwater photography of our urban salmon runs, including Burnaby's stoney creek and Burnette River. Learn ho we can maintain our streams and creeks so salmon will continue to come back and spawn.              

Copies of Fernando's book Urban Salmon will be available for purchase.   

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Under the Surface - Vancouver's Urban Salmon

Saturday, October 5, 1 pm to 2:30 pmRegistration Required: Phone 604-990-3755.Cost:$9Presenter: Fernando Lessa

For thousands of years, millions of salmon completed their epic oceanic journeys and returned home to the estuaries and rivers of early Vancouver. Much has changed in the last 150 years - most of the streams are gone and urban development and runoff impact the remaining salmon. Fernando Lessa, author and photographer of Urban Salmon, will take us on an incredible photographic journey underneath our local rivers to experience the natural beauty of our urban waterways and inspire us to protect these fragile ecosystems.

The Urban Salmon Project is the first photography project featuring salmonids in the urban environment. The Project is the work of “Outdoor storyteller” Fernando Lessa, who specializes in the freshwater environments. He spent over two years photographing and documenting the fish and their natural habitats in various Metropolitan watersheds.

Fernando will join us for a presentation and Q&A in the FRDC’s Canyon Theatre. He will also bring with him copies of the Urban Salmon Project coffee table book, which will be available for purchase and signing.

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Environmental Star Award 2019. City of Burnaby; BC.

Pacific Salmon Stewart Award  2018. Pacific Salmon Foundation, Vancouver; BC.

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