New Montanhas Magazine is ready! Big article and cover my Walkinglessa!

The brazilian Montanhas magazine has just been released! 

You can get the issue online ( )

 This time we had the pleasure to shoot the cover and writh a big article about bigwall climbing in Pedra Riscada. Place of the famous ” Place of happiness”, from Steven Glovacz, Ed Padilha, and Horacio Graton.

Packind our equipment. I really didn’t know where I was about to put myself.

To celebrate, I would like to post some making of pictures.
This was my first big wall, and besides having climb experience, I felt like a fish out of water. I would take 4 hours to do things that people would do in 40 minutos. All the guys have soloed 6c / 7a and I have barely touched that grade..

” What in good hell I’m doing here” : a very common climbing

We had lot’s of rain and something didn’t went all perfect and pissed rain for two days.

Lucas Marques Jah waiting for the wheather to clean: you can really see that besides the open day, the clouds cover most of the tiptop of Pedra Filhote.

Bigwall: when you feel fit, is this the first step to realize how unfit you could be.

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