Setting up a climbing shooting outdoors.

This time I would like about a shooting I did sometime ago, in Serra do Cipó, National Park.

. Jaime Jacinto climbing ” Sonho de Consubo, 7b fr”:  The shoot, with the lighting I had in mind.

At the time, I had an eye in a line called ” Sonho de Consumo”, an  total overhang 7b+, with plenty of big holds. IT’s a classic from the place and would be a nice option due to the dry and hot summer, because it’s so overhang that it’s always in the shadows!

Here, I’m using two anchoor points: the rope is fixed. The “dead” part is clipped to another point in the ground. Than I put tension on this (see my leg around it), so I’m connected to two points, with keep me more stable.

My idea was to work the shadows as a studio, so using high speed shutter, I could light the whole scene with strobes.

The picture looks fine, but I don’t like  the flashing, just lighing “nothing”.

Setting the divide, using radio receiver, was quite easy. Composing the belayer, the climber and light was another task. Coordinate the lighting on the background, the climber, belayer and my lighting (I was using a small flash, just to light up the climber’s face).

Here, the flash is behind the climber. Lighting the background and the belayer. The front “light” comes from my hotshoe. I’m a serious beliver that in climbing photography you MUST be able to see the eyes..

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