Getting to know the Parque Estadual do Cunhambebê, in Rio de Janeiro.

The day the photographer ‘s Day is very uncertain . Sometimes they appear stolen , uncertain agendas … but eventually the luck knocks on our door . The agenda of dreams !

Cold and clean waters

Were 5 days of diving in streams 

. A lot of current, rocks and water in between 15C 20C

 These are waters of Cleaner of Rj State and incredibly are used to dilute the low water quality OTHER areas. The area produces the Corresponding to 12 % of drinking water OF cariocas. 

 I avoided Peeing on the river .. =D

I’ve  waited for more than 6 months to be able to participate in this expedition in the drainages of the Paraiba River , near Lidice RJ ; approximately 30km from Angra dos Reis. Details agreed , bags ( Everest style ) and plays to the airport. After 2 hours drive to the city of Lidice .

A catfish. I can remember this fish in some aquarium shops…

The park has recently been established and is based in Mangaratiba (!? ) . Apart from that , the park is restricted to legal boards and delimitations . An exploration invitation. -> For climbers , has LOTS of virgin wall.

Can you spot the fish here??

The great friend and ichthyologist Paulo Petry was with me , giving tips and having the patience of God , it was hard to get me out of the water.

foto by Paulo Petry.

Also participated in the expedition of a group of Rio de Janeiro National Museum. I documented some collections and learned a lot from these people .

Guys working hard.

I end the week almost forgetting my old ” Lambaris ” and  ” Tuviras ” (popular names) in order to take on Astyanax e Gymnodontidae..


We drove in 4 cars ( 4x4) and circled by various collection points. This team works in the area, having already published a fish identification guide of the area.

Thank the patience of my friend Paulo, on helping me with the fish in the aquariums . A lot of beer and patience to let the  fish retained … or making the catfish look beautiful.

Hard to shoot Brycons

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