Freshwater shrimps in the Atlantic Forest.

Shooting day!

Macrobrachium sp.

 After a few weeks without having a proper bath in the housing, I decided to give it a go in the old Jaguareguava river, close to Bertioga, in São Vicente area, São Paulo.

Jaguareguava river.

 The last time I’ve been there was in October (check the post here!), and the water was in easy 27C’s.

Like flying! Shrimps usually ” walk” backwards in long swims. In short ones, they go front way!

 This time that was not the case, reaching 15C ,in some places. That’s not the recommended for a 3mm suit. Anyway, I was decided to try a new ” base layer”.. so, was ready for a few shakes.

The weather was also good, for macro shootings: lots of clounds and zero chance of meeting anyone up on the river.

Geophagus sp. are also very easily spoted. Locally they are know as ” Cará”.

The subject of the day were the shrimps, a generic term for some decapod crustaceans. Mostly known for their salty friends, they also exists in freshwater. There are many species native from Brazil, and they only live in places with hight quality water; so they might not be in danger, but they enviroinment is, for sure. 

This one is from the prewiew visit. A look from outside.

This tiny creatures are very overlooked and most people don’t even imagine that they exist! The small ones are translucent and usually have lots of colorfull details. The bigger are usually darker and with intricate paterns.

Alien landscape.

Funny guys!

This one was shoot in Lídice, a  higher altitude river. It’s the same specie, but a little bigger!

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